Study Go Work Japan

Our flagship event, originally a monthly job fair for candidates who are interested to work in Japan, has now evolved into a database of over 10,000 candidates wanting to seek employment in a Japanese-related role.


Our unique approach provides you the ability to sieve through the candidates that best reflect your needs to find your next talent. 

Our clients

Our innovative approach

Using our recruitment portal, you will be recommended a list of candidates that best reflect your needs. Along with curated comments on the candidates, we are very committed to find you the best talent.

Voices from our Clients

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

「We are convinced by the candidate's Japanese language ability and their technical skills」

Nifco Inc

「An efficient and time-saving event to get the best talents that we need」

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd

「We offered 5 candidates a position within 2 days of the event!」

Kao Corporation

「I feel a strong sense of motivation of growth from the candidates」

We have had good results.

If you are looking to hire the best talent, or if you are looking for your next dream job, drop us a line here.