Terms of Service (Accenture Japan)

<Objectives for the Use of Personal Data>

Personal data you have registered and personal data submitted here forth will be used for the

following purposes.

– Implementation of this online meeting (including provision of information on this meeting, etc.)

recruitment of participants, selection, etc.)

– Preparation of statistical/analytical data for consideration and formulation of human

resource strategies for Accenture

In addition, personal data may be provided with affiliate companies (including companies

overseas) in line with the above objectives.

<Explanation about Handling of Personal Data>

(1) Regarding the handling of personal data at Accenture:


(2) Global Talent Recruitment & Employment Privacy Statement:


(3) Global Privacy Policy:

*The Global Recruitment and Hiring Privacy Statement in (2) will have precedence if the

content in the below global privacy policy conflicts with (2).